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Designer's Eyewear

Vision Through the Lenses of the
Spiritual Gifts

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What spiritual gifts do I possess? Does my instinctive behavior mirror this gift? Why am I passionate about a certain things and irritated by another? 

The Designer's Eyewear  provides answers to these and other probing questions. This is an easy-to-use guide, perfect for individual or group study. It will help believers identify and understand their motivational spiritual gifts or custom-fitted eyewear prescribed by God, the Ultimate Designer. God desires that we discern which gift He has assigned, and He wants to use that gift for His glory. 

This book presents a biblical yet practical approach to achieving 20/20 spiritual vision. It highlights the seven spiritual gifts of Romans 12, which comprise the Designer's exclusive eyewear. These motivational gifts function as a pair of eyeglasses,  enhancing spiritual vision. They produce motivating tendencies that influence how gifted believers interact with others and their surroundings. As we "wear" them, these spiritual gifts will bring glory to the Designer. 

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