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identify who you are in Christ
by discovering your

spiritual gifts. 

The Designer's Eyewear*, an Amazon #1 Best Seller, is an easy-to-use guide, perfect for individual or group study. It will help you, as a believer, to identify and understand your motivational spiritual gifts or custom-fitted eyewear prescribed by God, the Ultimate Designer.

*Revised edition published November 2022- "Vision Through the Lenses of the Spiritual Gifts" 

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about me !

I'm Sonya Richardson. Author, Speaker, & Ministry Transformation Coach. 

I am an author, speaker, and coach. As a minister and spiritual gifts enthusiast, I delight in equipping individuals in their quests to identify, cultivate, and operate in their gifts. These gifts are divine impartation that equip us for service in the Christian church.

I have written “The Designer’s Eyewear: Vision Through the Lenses of the Spiritual Gifts”, the first of a series of forthcoming books designed to help readers discover their giftedness to fulfill their ministry assignments. “The Designer’s Eyewear” points to God, the Ultimate Designer of an exclusive brand of eyewear, referred to as the “seven motivational spiritual gifts”. In addition to my literary work, I have created a unique system, S.H.I.F.T., that offers guidance in discovering God’s purpose for the believer’ life based on their spiritual gifts, talents, personalities, and passions. Click here for more information on how I can help you discover your purpose. 


"Many people are simply unaware of or uninformed about the subject of spiritual gifts. This inspiring book opens the eyes of believers to the divine graces given to them by their Ultimate Designer. The Designer’s Eyewear is practical, informative and spirit-led." -Myron



"This book is nothing short of amazing! As I read, I kept feeling like I was in a divine moment. Each anecdote, example, and explanation was well-thought-out and clearly inspired by God. I believe this writer is anointed for this moment! This book is needed! If you're seeking further confirmation of the gifting/s God has placed in you, this is a must-read!" - Suzan

"This book is truly a revelation gvien by the Holy Spirit. It is excellently written and gives clear insight about the Spiritual gifts. The reader will be able to identify their gifts and learn how to operate in them as they fulfill their God given purpose. This book is such an encouragement and help to those who are asking the questions, Who am I ? What is my purpose? Why do I do this or know that? This book will stir up the gifts that reside in you! A must read." -Beverly


The Designer's Eyewear:

Vision Through the Lenses of the Spiritual Gifts

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What spiritual gifts do I possess?

Does my instinctive behavior mirror this gift?

What ministry roles or tasks should I pursue?

Why am I passionate about a certain thing and equally irritated by another? 

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